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Nov 16, 2012 11:00pm EST
petraeus was on capitol hill today telling lawmakers what he knew about the attack on the u.s. consulate. >> general petraeus' briefing was comprehensive. i think it was important to have it added to our ability to make judgments about what is clearly a failure of intelligence. >> petraeus told lawmakers he believed all along that the terrorists carried out the attacks that killed the u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. they also addressed his resignation. he quit last friday after admitting to an affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. lawmakers said the former cia director apologized and assured him his personal situation that had no baring on theinvestigation. >>> the president and the congressional leaders spent their day today trying to find a budget compromise. if they don't find a way to do it in the next 45 days, huge tax hikes and spending cuts will kick in on january 1. that could send us spiraling into yet another recession. well after today's meeting, congressional leaders seemed confident that they can steer clear away from the fiscal cliff. >> it w
Nov 6, 2012 10:55pm EST
romney. again, no surprise. 40 minutes ago, a winner was declared in the u.s. senate race in virginia. democrat tim kane, as we told you, state republican george allen. we heard some of george allen's concession speech. kane will replace democrat webb who is retiring. democrat john delaney beat out republican incumbent roscoe bartlett this evening. >> the polls closed hours ago. some folks, believe it or not, are still out there in the cold waiting to vote. ken molestina at potomac middle school in virginia. how long is the line now, kenny? >> reporter: well, i have to report, derek, it wrapped up just moments ago. the last vote was cast shortly after 10:50. what a long night it was tonight for everyone involved. this was an unprecedented turnout, and it was testament of americans who truly want to come out and support the selection. like a never-ending string of spaghetti lining the inside halls, these voters packed in one behind another and stood in line for what seemed like an eternity. >> it's absurd. my wife is at the next district down at the senior high. she dropped me off, re
Nov 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in security teams within 25 minutes of the start of the attack. they took control of the effort to evacuate u.s. personnel but despite their efforts, ambassador chris stephens and two other citizens were killed. >>> and life is still a far cry from normal in "new york post" sandy. we have a story on life in one of the hardest hit states. >>> when you have a city with the largest subbasis testimony, when it is down, it is crippling. some lines were up today. but you cannot escape post sandy new york. >> reporter: everywhere you go, it is there. >> everything has been touched by sandy. >> reporter: from long island, where houses are destroyed, lights out, cars dead, still. to new york city, where frustration is the new normal. >> get in front of me. >> reporter: here, three long days in the dark and three long hours for gas are taking their toll. speaking of tolls are free, but you pay in waiting. if you have less than three people in the car you don't get over a bridge or new a tunnel. >> move to the front, let's go. >> reporter: no news story can wrap up the toll of super storm sandy. the death
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
the strategy and the direction of the u.s. military in both those wars. >> reporter: presidents learned to trust his judgment and he lobbied for that cia director's job. >> i wanted this job. this is something that was not a month or two or three in the making. >> reporter: 14 months ago he got it being sworn in with his wife by his side. his deputy michael morell has been acting director of the cia. it's morell who will testify against congress next week on cia performance on libya where a raid killed three americans in september. used to having his every command followed during his days in the military, patraeus had a different culture among career officers. office erred trained not to carry out -- officers trained not to carry out commands. it is a very public fumble and a career of success after success. he had even been mentioned adds a president candidate. but even tonight when it comes to some important service role in the future, don't count him out. derek. >> well, petraeus is not the only one stepping down following on inappropriate relationship. >>> today the future ceo of le
Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm EST
,000 of them are right here in the u.s.. older prius hybrids from years 2003-2009. they could have potentially defective steering. about half of those same cars have water pumps that could cause the cars to stall out. they haven't had any accidents but they want to fix them. >>> derek -- sorry. topper not you either. channing tatum has gotten named the sexiest man of the year. he is appealing to the younger girls. don't worry about it. he says he's surprised by the honor. at first he thought the magazine was playing a joke on him but it was real. sexiest man alive. >> anybody that saw the space alien would say i'm not sure i didn't win. >> appealing to the young. >> that's the nicest thing i've been called all day. in probably a couple weeks [ laughing ] . >>> we average about 800 tornadoes a year in the lower 48. kind of rare to see a tornado or water spout in japan, but check this out. it looks like it's over land but it's not. it's pulley over a little port city. it's also sort of in the mountains. at the bottom of that is the water. so a little tiny rope of a water spout. and kind of cool.
Nov 15, 2012 11:00pm EST
and discussing that attack on the u.s. consulate inbenghazi. earlier today members of the president's national security team answered lawmakers' questions. congress now trying to piece together what happened before, during, and after the attack which killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. >>> and tomorrow president obama welcomes congressional leaders to the white house where they will be discussing that fiscal cliff and trying to figure out some sort of deal. if they can't make it happen on january 1st the bush era tax cuts expire and some drastic budget cuts will king. the president says any deal must include asking wealthier americans to pay more in taxes. >>> the president also toured staten island today, getting a firsthand look at the damage from superstorm sandy. he visited a neighborhood where 19 people were killed. the president thanked first responders, military personnel and fema workers for helping in the recovery. 47,000 new yorkers have applied for housing help through fema. many of them want the government to act faster. the president urged insurance companie
Nov 11, 2012 11:00pm EST
prison. demonstrators gathered in west palm beach where the national symphony was making its first u.s. tour. they're protesting the imprisonment of alan gross, serving a 15-year sentence on charges he was trying to undermine the cuban government. gross says he was merely trying to provide internet service to the small jewish community in cuba. there was a letter signed by 500 rabbis and addressed to cuba's president. it calls for gross' release on humanitarian grounds. >>> residents could have their electricity back, but tens of thousands of homes and businesses were too damaged to receive it. residents of those homes are now scrambling to find temporary housing. real estate agents say demand is out stripping supply. on new york's long island 130,000 customers are still without electricity tonight. that's led to angry poe protests this weekend by frustrated residents. >> they were warned weeks in advance that this was coming, and it wasn't going to be small. it was going to be major. and they just ignored us. but the big ceo's and all the big mucky mucks in lipa, i'm sure they have po
Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. acting cia director mike morell will testify instead. >>> we're expecting closing arguments in the preliminary hearing for staff sergeant robert bails. he's charged with killing 7 adults and 9 children, civilians murdered in the middle of the night last march in the afghan villages. >>> over the weekend several wounded children testified at his hearing. a video link from afghanistan to a military base in washington state where bails is in custody. after tomorrow's closing arguments, the military will decide whether to move forward with a full-blown court- martial, a conviction could lead to the death penalty. >>> we've been trying to keep you up-to-date about the fiscal cliff, where taxes go up and spending goes down in a combination which virtuallyguarantees a recession. >> what is the congress and the president did agree on a plan to avoid the cliff and that recession, could that make things worse? gary nurenberg, what did you find? >> reporter: derek, keep in mind that the whole idea was to pay down the deficit to begin getting the country
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)